We are...

public health and communication experts who are passionate about creating healthier communities. We change behavior by using a commercially oriented marketing approach. We uncover the how and why people practice unsafe or unhealthy behaviors and develop ways to change behavior. We address broader social systems and communities to build support for change. We motivate people to use condoms, birth control, and emergency contraception; stop smoking; eat right and get active.

Behavior Works started in 2005 after Population Services International US Programs (PSI/USP) had been serving the health needs of Oregonians since 1992. We're now the same dedicated staff and a new 501(c)3.

We do

  • Audience research
  • Strategic planning
  • Community mobilization
  • Communication material development
  • Inter-personal communications
  • Training
  • Product development
  • Evaluation

534 SW 3rd Ave, Suite 415, Portland, OR 97204   P:503-294-0554 F:503-294-0565    info@bwpdx.org